Thoughts from the Road

The pressure is on….

It’s coming in all sorts of directions, pressure to get everyone fed and packed for the 20km walk planned for the day, food, feet care, safety briefs, Highviz on, crossing the road, keeping the pace, single file, there is a truck approaching I shout “right of the road”, stop, turn and catch the drivers eye”.  A driver honks and the kids add one more to the tally, it helps to keep the pressure on. 

The safety team are working hard feeling the pressure to keep everyone safe.  My thoughts are never still, how do we keep this in the public eye? We want to spread the enthusiasm and the courage we are feeling.  So we decided to walk to Wellington to remind everyone we meet to keep the pressure on the opposition government.  We are just a few, passionate and feeling unstoppable with the support of others behind us.  Writing blogs is one-way Gen says, “let’s keep the people informed of our journey”, but it’s not for me the writing, the speeches, I don’t interview well, the pressure feels wrong it’s all on us and not on the government officials, to keep the people and the earth safe.

So although I felt in a total frustrated state when I put the pressure on myself and started to write, I have had a grounding time this afternoon and now I can share a much more positive side to my thinking whilst I walk to Wellington. 

As I have been so focussed on just getting through the days of walking and talking and preparing and sleeping you haven’t heard much from me thus far.

But I have so much to say about the journey … valuable conversations I want to share with everyone, I could shout from the mountains for all to hear, so that this will carry to all and people all over can reap from these rich experiences we are encountering!

Like the one about the farmer from Greta Valley- his knowledge about the TPP was outstanding but how does he share that he is seriously concerned about it with a community who believe so adamantly that trade agreements are progress and beneficial for all.  It felt great that we could listen and offer encouragement and ideas on how to approach challenging discussions. 

The Primary school in Greta Valley – where the head teacher likened our Hikoi with their school values – perseverance, integrity and empathy.

Ohh and the young guy in Domett- that now understands that we are not a bunch of hippies protesting against trade but a bunch of people passionate enough to walk 400kms for the greater good.

And the woman I talked to from Kaikoura who reminded me to be grounded within so that I may see the ripple effect this sort of action can have on people and communities.  I guess that therein lies how important it is to continue encouraging, and supporting the discussion and debating of major political topics like the TPP!!

At times, I feel so worn by the bigger picture and then I am reminded to reflect on the relationships that I have had the fortune to engage with and I feel resilience return. 


One Comment Add yours

  1. Ellie Messervy says:

    I feel the fatigue in your words,both physical and emotional….You are absolutely inspirational !! to have the Dream and Walk the Talk and manage to take your amazing kids and great Team with you…never underestimate the Power (and effects)of “One fiesty Lady” Go girl we are with you all the way
    Love to you all Ellie &Murray

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