Our Time’s Seismic Upheavals

We’ve been back a week from the ‘TPPA Hikoi’ and it’s probably two weeks since I last posted, and in that time the roads and bridges we walked on are now wrecked and ruined and covered in landslide. Our friends houses that we stayed in have been shaken both emotionally and literally. Donald is now President Trump. It is as if the physical world is reflecting the social world – we are living in seismic times.

As far as we know all our old and new friends who were part of our beautiful and memorable journey are ok but phone and internet coverage are limited and we haven’t reached everyone. Our thoughts are going out to everyone we stayed with and all the people up the coast who are affected.

To think that only last week we were coming back through those roads, I stayed with dear friends in Kaikoura again on the way back. Now their lives are in chaos as they figure out the next few crazy days and weeks, cut off from the rest of the world in their beautiful now broken town.

The other huge things over that time, like marching on and speaking at Parliament, lighting fireworks there and staying at the fantastic living Marae Tapu Te Ranga have faded as more recent events overtake them. However, our hikoi and arrival at Parliament were as exciting and event-filled as the rest of the trip. Check out Leanne’s brilliant clip for a bit of the feel of it.

Tomorrow up to Auckland for the Peace Action Week which has already started. Getting up stupidly early to go & haven’t packed yet! So my apologies for writing a blog in links, but I did want to share Charles Eisenstein’s particularly cool analysis of the US election, if nothing else, which tells us why Trump’s win is good in more ways than just that the lame-duck passing of the TPP is now definitely off.

Our own belligerent government have today passed the enabling legislation for the TPP. Todd McClay’s ‘it sends a strong message that NZ is pro-trade liberalisation’ looks more like a strong message of desperation.

Let us hope that Trump stands by his word and ditches the TPP entirely, as Charles Eisenstein says, we can still hope for miracles. Let us celebrate and hold on to this moment as a victory for people power and the continued and committed efforts of all those who have stood strong. And let us take strength from that win so that we might carry on and adjust the international trade agenda to one that puts planet and people first.

Kia kaha e hoa ma, kia manawanui.

Arohanui ki aku hoa all the way up the East Coast to Welly xxx


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