iof-chch-wea-2015Rachel Thomas has been a part of It’s Our Future Christchurch since its inception early 2014. Throughout that time, the team have been campaigning tirelessly to raise public awareness about the Trans Pacific Partnership  (TPP or TPPA) along with others throughout the country.

Years of protests, marches and rallies, submissions, petitions and presenting to select committees have confirmed that the National government is being wilfully deaf to the concerns of the majority of New Zealanders about the TPP.

These concerns spring from the recognition that the TPP is a symptom and a symbol of a ‘profit at any cost’ mentality which is jeopardising the future for the vast majority of us, and certainly Our Children’s Future.

Rachel and her family have inspired many others of us to walk to Wellington to take a message to Parliament. We want to pressure opposition parties to be in true opposition to the government and pledge to reject the TPP.

This hikoi aims to reignite the momentum against the TPP; to challenge opposition parties to think about what a real 21st Century trade agreement would look like, and to make rejection of the TPP an election issue.

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